4 Ways to Host a Last-Minute Party With Great Food

Stressful is one way of putting it when you are hosting a party. How about when you are hosting a party last minute? Surprisingly, not as bad as it could be! If you are planning on having a party and it happens to be a last-minute gathering, I’m here to give you some advice and help on how to navigate your way to a fun event that you threw together last minute. 

Check out these tips, so you do not get stuck with a half-finished party: 

Order Food 

If you have little time to get everything organized before your friends or family show up, do not waste your time cooking up a fancy meal or some finger foods. In a pinch, jollibee delivery will save you valuable time that you will need to prep your home for your guests. You can place the food on plates or platters for presentation so that no one will even know that you were in a time crunch. 


Not every party needs an elaborate entertainment event for it to be fun. Playing cards or charades are fun ways to get everyone socializing and having fun without spending a great deal of time planning a crazy party with live music. These games are played at parties all the time because they are a timeless classic, among many other options that will save you money as well. Plus, they are great icebreakers for friends who have not met or those shy members of our friend groups. 

Pick a Theme 

One way to wow your guests is to pick a color theme and run with it. You do not need to decorate your whole house, but picking a color like red, blue, or whatever color, will let you give your party a nice appearance that will likely distract your guests from any last-minute woes you had set things up. It not only livens up whatever room you designated as the main area but it also gives the appearance of a well thought out and planned event even though you did it last minute! 

Keep It Clean 

It doesn’t take too long to do this, but it should be said for the sake of your guests. Make sure you clean up a bit before anyone comes over! No one wants to go to a party where there are dishes in the sink or overflowing garbage. Do some quick cleaning up, and you’ll be ready to invite everyone in without fear of judgment or awkward explanations. 


Planning a party for your friends can be stressful, but doing it last minute can be a nightmare. Not so much when you consider how many easy tips can be used to avoid a bad situation where you don’t feel ready to let people into your home. Order in some food, pick some classic and simple party games, color up the room(s), and make sure you do a little bit of cleaning before everyone comes over. Follow these tips, and your last-minute party will be sure to impress. 

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