Fogo De Chao opens in Downtown LA

Now, whenever you need your endless meat fix, you can skip the drive to Beverly Hills and head down to Fogo De Chao’s new DTLA location. We checked out their grand opening to partake in their parade of protein.

As with all great AYCEs, the Market Table has more than just lettuce and ranch dressing. Cold cuts include a smoked salmon, Brazilian hearts of palm, an aged manchego cheese that has an interesting fruity note to it, prosciutto and more.






Smoked Salmon


This pumpkin soup looks deceptively singular in taste but had a mix of spice and an interesting, finishing heat to it.

While I do enjoy my cold foods, I didn’t come here for no greens! There’s a magic button they give you at the table at Fogo De Chao. One side is red and the other is green, like a stoplight. Once you go green, the meat guys magically start coming to your table like this


And they bring out perfectly cooked meats like these.


Frango (Chicken) & Linguica (Sausage)


Picanha (Top Sirloin)


Fraldinha (Bottom Sirloin)

We finished with in extra sweet way with the Tres Leches, a decadently rich wet piece of cake paradise.

There’s something about Gauchos strutting around a dimly lit restaurant that is just so right. Whenever you’re ready to get your carnivore + Market Table on in DTLA, check out Fogo De Chao’s latest location.

Written by Lucas Li
Photography by Lucas Li

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