ChocoChicken is coming and its coming your way! An idea born by an indecisively hungry man, Sean Robins, Keith Previte, Lee Weinberg, and Adam Fleischman [Umami Burger and 800 Degrees] bring you a whole new fried chicken experience. Located in Downtown Los Angeles, ChocoChicken dishes up a chocolate inspired menu from the fried chicken itself, to sides and desserts.


ChocoChicken’s namesake chocolate fried chicken is an organic jidori chicken brined for 24 hours and drenched in a batter of chocolate and spices before getting a bath in the deep fryer. Available in a drum-et, breast, and thigh pieces, the chocolate fried chicken is served up with a smathering of chocolate ketchup, miso ranch, the bee sting – local honey infused with gindo’s spice of life hot sauce, and saw mill gravy – housemade white sausage gravy.


Sides available are the flaky monkey-bread biscuits available in original or caramelized bacon, the spicy sweet and savory duck fat fries sprinkled with choco seasoning, and the white chocolate mashed potatoes – creamy mashed potatoes infused with a white chocolate chive butter. Veggie sides available include the cup of raw crudite – fresh cut air loom vegetables served with miso ranch and the stuffed calbrian peppadew – sausage, black cherries, parmesan, dark chocolate, herbs, and choco dust packed in a peppadew.


Lastly, can’t forget the dessert. Exclusively made for ChocoChicken by Cake Monkey and LA Creamery, guest can enjoy ice cream treats to s’more whoopie pies.

ChocoChicken will soon have a full bar (once permits are secured) as well as take-out and delivery.

403 W. 12th St. Los Angeles, CA 90015

Photos by: Natalie Woyshner.