Badmaash: family recipes and modern interpretations on Indian cuisine

Serving a unique spin on fine Indian cuisine coupled with a variety of unique spirits, Badmaash has some solid eats. Family owned and operated, many of the dishes take after the Punjabi region of India where the Chef was born.

The entrees you’ll find here are not the typical you’ll find in just any Indian restaurant. Among them were the Badass Chicken Tikka, mushroom tandoori, Spiced Lamb Burger, slow braised beef short rib, spiced mango pork belly, sweet and sour spiced pumpkin, punjabi pork confit, and ghost chili lamb vindaloo.
Spiced Lamb Burger

The Badass Chicken Tikka served dry with a spice-rub was a standout for it’s juiciness and tender texture. The lamb burger was also a hit with it’s moist, thick patty between a soft butter toasted roll with a mango chutney dip on the side.
badmaash chicken tikka
Badass Chicken Tikka

The Basmati Rice Pudding (Kheer) and Bombay “Cutting” Chai were great desserts to finish. The Kheer, which is a staple dessert at traditional Indian functions is made from high quality basmati rice, whole milk, and sugar. It has just the right amount of sweetness and texture without being overpowering. The Bombay “Cutting” Chai receives its unusual name because the amount of water used in making the chai is cut in half. This leaves a stronger and more fragrant chai.
Basmati Rice Pudding

Badmaash’s is a laidback spot with traditional, family recipes plus some modern twists on the classics.

Written by: Kathy Chung
Photography: Lucas Li