Sixth Annual Pebble Beach Food & Wine

Take a look behind the scenes of the life of a Sommelier and what it takes to actually become one. This year, Pebble Beach Food & Wine will celebrate its 6th year by hosting over 250 acclaimed wineries and 100 celebrity chefs! Join them April 4th-April 7th for various wine tastings, cooking demonstrations and one of the most exclusive and unique dining experiences along the picturesque coastline of Monterey County, CA! Opening night will include a screening of SOMM, Jason Wise’s documentary film chronicling the lives of four candidates and their strive to pass the exceptionally rigorous Master Sommelier exam.
“The court of Master Sommeliers is one of the world’s most prestigious, secretive, and exclusive organizations in the world of wine with under 200 candidates passing the Master level worldwide since its inception over 40 years ago.  The exam covers literally anything having to do with the entire world of wine, spirits and cigars.  Access to the Court of Master Sommeliers has always been strictly regulated and cameras have never been allowed anywhere near the exam…until now.”

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Photos courtesy of IDP / Samuel Goldwyn Films.