Chef Ricardo Zarate Introduces Paichẽ to Marina del Rey

Did you know that Peru has the largest Japanese community outside of Japan? No? Well, neither did we! Chef Ricardo Zarate along with partner Stephane Bombet have done it again with the opening of their third restaurant, Paichẽ, a Peruvian izakaya in Marina del Rey, CA! Zarate says: “this restaurant is izakaya-style, which means it is a meeting place for friends to enjoy great food and drink. Paichẽ’s menu will showcase the best of my country’s cuisine combined with the flavors and techniques I love from Japan, and I’m excited to show people what that means to me.” Paichẽ is named after the prehistoric Amazonian fish that will be prevalent in their new menu. Join them opening day TODAY at 11:30 a.m. 13488 Maxella Ave Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

Written by Terese Sy; Photo courtesy of Ryan Tanaka.