Virgin Atlantic’s ‘Upper Class’ clubhouse at JFK now open

Virgin Atlantic at New York JFK International Airport has opened a 10,000 square foot clubhouse available to upper class guests, which more than doubles the space of the existing clubhouse. The $7 million space, designed Slade Architecture, is themed as “Understatedly Uptown, Unmistakably New York” and features, “a cloud shaped cocktail bar, curving ‘wall’ of stainless steel rods and walnut fins.”

The clubhouse will feature a spacious lounge with views of the runway, an internet bar, meeting spaces, concierge services, a relaxation area with private space, and sleep suites. A new Clubhouse Spa will offer the only hair service available at any business class lounge in the US. The formal dining in the brassiere area will provide a selection of a la carte meals, wine, and dessert. The menu features pork sliders, caramelized apples, tin baked steak, and Brooklyn Ale pie.

Virgin Atlantic flies three times daily to and from New York JFK International Airport.

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