Chef Dakota Weiss’ food menu for dogs at the W in Westwood

Now that dogs can hang out at restaurant patios at most parts of L.A. County, restaurants like the Backyard at the W Los Angeles – Westwood (a dog friendly hotel) is announcing a food menu for your furry little friend. The “Fido’s Kitchen” menu created by Executive Chef and Top Chef Season 9 contestant, Dakota Weiss features items like: Milo’s Chopped Veggie & Chicken Salad (carrots, apples, spinach, cucumber and poached chicken), Knuckle’s Frozen “POP!” (organic yogurt, mashed banana and peanut butter), Pepper’s Seafood Goulash (ground salmon, oats, spinach and kale) and more. Items range from $8 – $12, they could really eat like humans. 930 Hilgard Ave., Los Angeles, CA. 310-443-8218.


Appetizers and Sweets:

Milo’s Chopped Veggie & Chicken Salad
Carrots, Apples, Spinach, Cucumber and Poached Chicken

Hank’s Apple Crunch Cakes
Honey sweetened Fresh and Dried Apple and Quinoa


Knuckle’s Frozen “POP!”
Organic Yogurt, Mashed Banana and Peanut Butter


Stella’s Mutt”za” Balls
Organic Chicken, Free Range Eggs and Brown Rice


Chaplin and Costello’s “Roaring Burger”
Ground Lean Lamb, Fresh Mint and Brown Rice


Pepper’s Seafood Goulash
Ground Salmon, Oats, Spinach and Kale