Dead heat: Lakers VS Clippers cocktail battle at The Mixing Room

We previously reported about the Lakers versus Clipper cocktail battle at The Mix Room. Now, it’s time to check on the mid-season score for cocktail supremacy and a coveted spot on The Mixing Room at L.A. Live‘s regular cocktail menu. As patrons decide the battle between the age old dilemma of true fan loyalty versus alcohol preference and taste, these two teams are currently in a dead heat.

The competing cocktails are the Clippers Martini – a sweet Grey Goose vodka with triple sec, lime juice, and raspberry syrup (preferred by the ladies) and the Lakers Martini – Maker’s Mark bourbon, Cointreau, simple syrup and lemon juice (preferred by the gentlemen). The cocktail race ends at the end of the NBA Season.

Also, The Mixing Room will offer a Grammy inspired cocktail menu for next Saturday and Sunday only.