Brats Brothers: The ‘Other’ Big Cheese

Co-owner Roland Radler lived in Germany for over a decade before opening up Brats Brothers in Sherman Oaks, CA. The ‘Other’ Big Cheese is a pork bratwurst infused with cheddar held together by a large toasted French roll plus a choice of three different toppings (for an additional cost): sauerkraut (plain or grandma’s), roasted peppers and onions, onions (grilled or raw).


  1. Get the homemade Bavarian spread for another dollar.
  2. Adventurous eaters can try their exotic brats featuring: wild boar, ostrich, duck, alligator and more.
  3. Skip the Paulaner Lagers or the Chimays, ask for the small bottle list for some rare German exports (off-menu).
  4. Still hungry? Get The Big Cheese, it’s a pork bratwurst infused with Swiss cheese.