Urban Adventures, experiential day tour company, hits 50,000 customers

The travel company focused on offering a unique experience over typical sightseeing has announced their 50,000th customer. Founded in 2009, Urban Adventures is now “operating tours in a tick over 100 cities on six continents. All our operators are passionate, local perfectionists when it comes to inviting someone in to experience their cities from a local perspective.” They credit their success to the value that they provide to customers, which seems warranted given that 94% of travelers would rebook a tour with them. The companies success builds off of the trend that people are looking for a deeper, more specialized travel experience.


Urban Adventures operates on a diverse scale by offering tours from Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) to Philadelphia. They have a strong local appeal as customers enjoy the curated experience that they offer in their own towns. Tours can be as short as 2 hours or as long as the whole day.

An example of “what’s hot” from their website is the Hong Kong Rags to Riches Tour. A maximum of 12 guests gain an insight of how Hong Kong went from a fishing harbor to a global financial powerhouse. This particular tour is $49 and 3 – 4 hours long.

Locally, they have a Stars and Bars in L.A. that takes you to historical sipping stations with the possibility of seeing someone worth taking a picture of.

Photo: Hammam and Market Explorer – Marrakech, Morocco
Photography provided by Urban Adventures

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