TripAdvisor’s December survey shows an increase in travel plans

TripAdvisor announced the results of their annual December holiday travel survey of 2100 U.S. travelers. While it may not be representative of the nation, there is a 5 percent increase from their last year’s survey, from 38-43 percent, of participants planning on traveling this December.

Their published data also showed other findings pointing that travel is on the upswing in spite of the economic climate.

76% say the economy has not impacted their December travel plans.

Christmas travelers increase by 2 percent to 34%. New Years travelers up 3 percent to 16%.

Air travel up while car road travel decreases.

The report also listed fun facts including 49% plan on using smartphones or tablets to assist in their travels, 8% plan on drinking alcohol on their flights as a stress limiter, 23% have bought last minute gifts while traveling to their destination and more.

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