Do travelers actually return for a local experience?

Expedia‘s recent statement that London was Britain’s top European travel destination this Autumn included a list of activities that locals enjoy. The insider’s guide included treasure hunting in the Thames and visiting the Billingsgate Fish Market. While the fare is geared towards the Brits, curiosity drives the question, do people really want to go back to a destination to experience a deeper travel experience?

Understanding the appeal of London is easy, it’s a beautiful city and rich in culture. After seeing the sites that made it famous, would a foreigner be drawn back to explore the local side of life? Would you be so charmed by the tourist sites of any destination to return for more? This is the stuff that creates ex-pats, but is it really vacation worthy?

It’s not if you want to try that local, hole in the wall restaurant while in London. Who doesn’t? It’s would you travel back London to try that restaurant that you missed?

I can’t say for sure. I tell people that the main attraction that will bring me back to Japan is another meal of Wagyu beef, which was easily the best beef I’ve ever had. Honestly, as much as I’d want to, I don’t see that happening anytime soon. We hold onto romantic notions of returning to a country for that allure, that element that’s so unique to the area. But how realistic is it to go back and dig deeper when there’s an entire world to see and taste?

There is an appeal to wading through the Thames in search of hidden jewels, but the findings might not justify the ticket to get there.

The guide

Expedia has local made travel videos on their Youtube channel. Judge for yourself.

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