Take a custom brewery tour with ‘Brew Hop’

Drinking and driving is only fun when the guy doing the driving hasn’t been drinking. Imagine rolling down the streets of San Diego in a stretch Escalade with a jacuzzi filled with petals of hops. Brew Hop, a company based in San Diego does just that, well not the jacuzzi part, yet. Brew Hop is a service available in San Diego and Seattle. Not only providing the fancy transportation from stretch limos to Hummers, they also offer craft beer education, facility tours, and beer tastings.

Let’s all go to the brewery

Brew Hop has been in business for about five years. They started in San Diego County giving tours to world-class breweries like Ballast Point Brewing Company, Stone Brewing Co., Port Brewing Company and Pizza Port. Co-founder and CEO Summer Nixon tells us they’re not slowing down, “we’re adding seven new breweries in the next six months in San Diego alone. We’re going to be upward of almost 40 breweries we work with.” She has plans to expand to Portland and San Francisco soon.

Brew Hop will take you behind the scenes, teach you about craft beer and best of all, your drinks are included. Brew Hop provides two packages: “The Beer Connoisseur” Tour starting at $119 per person, a five hour tour that lets the tour-takers pick their own stops, and “The Beer Tasters” Tour starting at $75 per person, a two and a half hour stroll through one or two breweries.

Summer is making sure “there is always something for any taste.”

The landscape of San Diego beer

Summer tells us it’s the best time for craft beer in San Diego, she says, “Alesmith, Ballast Point, and so many breweries based here are going through major expansions and are getting larger facilities. The market down here is amazing for craft beer.”

See the video of Taste Terminal host Jace Milstead with Brew Hop CEO Summer Nixon at the San Diego Brewers Guild Festival.

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