Chocolate art for the holidays

You’re at your in-laws house for Thanksgiving and it’s time for dessert. Your brother in law carefully brings out the pumpkin pie that his wife made the night before. He places it in the center of the table, gently lifts the lid off and– BAM! You slam your handcrafted Emanuel Andren chocolates down! Because no one wants to eat pie when there’s a $17 piece of chocolate in the house.

Emanuel Andren has made available a gift box of his Passion and Glamour chocolate collection at a discounted price. These artisinal chocolates are individually handmade by Emanuel Andren and only availabe for purchase through his website.

A 4 piece box goes for $69 (regular price $98) and the 16 piece for $230 (regular price $328) from November 1 to December 31, 2011.

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