Virgin Atlantic’s ‘Upper Class’ clubhouse at JFK now open

Offering pre-flight amenities

Virgin Atlantic at New York JFK International Airport has opened a 10,000 square foot clubhouse available to upper class guests, which more than doubles the space of the existing clubhouse. The $7 million space, designed Slade Architecture, is themed as “Understatedly Uptown, Unmistakably New York” and features, “a cloud shaped cocktail bar, curving ‘wall’ of stainless steel rods and walnut fins.” Read More

Virgin Atlantic to premiere new ‘Uptown’ themed clubhouse at JFK

Join the 1% club

Virgin Atlantic has announced details of its new 10,000 sq. ft. clubhouse at JFK, due to open in early March of this year. The clubhouse, designed by Slade Architecture, features an “Uptown” themed space and invites upper class passengers to relax and enjoy themselves before flying. The new space will have a mix of private members club, boutique hotel lobby, bar and restaurant service, and a private spa, complete with hair salon. The lounge will be located next to the Virgin Atlantic gates, giving passengers more time to enjoy the clubhouse. Read More