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6 Hobbies You Can Learn During a Lockdown

There likely isn’t anywhere in the world that people don’t know what you mean when you talk about a lockdown. It is something that the world is experiencing together and maybe someday we can use our shared experience to build a better world. But for now, we have some extra time on our hands. Time is a very valuable thing, and if you are fortunate enough to have a big block of time with nothing to do, you should spend some time thinking about in what ways can you improve yourself or what would you like to learn now that you have the time. Here are a few suggestions for lockdown hobbies.

  1. Crochet: crochet is a very relaxing hobby that can result in some useful products for you or your friends. Essentially, you are making fabric from yarn or some other fibre. It is like knitting, where you pull loops of yarn through other loops, making a fabric, the main difference is that knitting uses needles and crochet uses hooks. You can even buy high-quality crochet hooks as there are some very experienced artists doing crochet.
  • Home Brew: If you enjoy a beer now and then, this might be just the time to learn how to make your own. The home brewing hobby has really caught on in recent years, and the lockdown gives us both the reason and the means to become our own brew masters.
  • Learn an instrument: There really isn’t going to be a better time to learn how to play an instrument. Especially if you spend your days alone and there is no one to bother as you try to make sweet music. YouTube is loaded with instructional videos for any instrument you can imagine. Of course, you will have to find an instrument to play first.
  • Learn How to Paint: Just like with music, YouTube is loaded with instructional painting videos. No matter what medium you want to learn there are experts and excellent teachers that take you further from any level of skill. You might even make a little money back if you find a market for your art.
  • Reading: Ok, you probably don’t have to learn this hobby, but if you don’t know what to read, the internet is full of book lover testimonials. And there is always Guttenberg that is full of free eBooks and Goodreads, which will help you narrow in on the kind of book that suits your tastes.
  • Tik Tok: This might be the time to start a new social media career. With no one around to make you self-conscious, now is the time to get a little crazy or a little creative. Just make a few clips for fun. Who knows, you could be going viral, in the right way?

Of course, there are plenty of other ideas out there. The important thing is to make the most of this time, because when it is gone you might not get another opportunity to focus on self-improvement or just doing things for the sake of doing them.  In our previous lives, we were too busy for this stuff, so look at it as a blessing. Be safe out there

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Green Tea And The Secrets That It Holds For Us All

People, especially in the Asia region, have been drinking green tea for a millennium and they understand the many health benefits that it offers. Some of the oldest people that have ever lived come from Asian nations and they enjoy good health in their later years. They put it down to the daily consumption of green tea and it is a beverage that they enjoy and it is so easy to prepare. This fantastic tea is now available for all of us to consume and there are many different kinds to choose from. It is such an easy drink to prepare because all it needs is for you to boil some water and then to add some tea leaves. It really is that simple and what you’re left with is a drink that not only quenches your thirst, but it is also good for your health as well.

If you would like to be one of the many people who enjoy a cup or two of green tea every single day, then you can buy it here at where they offer you many different kinds of tea and all at fantastic prices. If you’re not yet sold on the idea of drinking green tea, then maybe the following benefits can push you in the right direction.

  1. It helps with brain function – We all lead such busy lives and many of us are very caught up in our jobs and our hopes for promotion. In order to be recognised for the hard work that you do, you always need to be switched on and you need to be able to multi task. Green tea is fantastic for brain function because one of its active ingredients is caffeine, and this helps with better brain function and more improved mood. It also helps with your reaction times and assists with memory. These are all things that you need in order to be successful in a busy office and a cup or two of green tea every day will provide you with the energy that you need.
  • It helps with losing weight – Most fat burning supplements that you pick up from any shelf will contain some green tea in the ingredients. Research tells us that green tea helps to increase your metabolic rate and this leads to more fat burning. Green tea also contains small amounts of caffeine, which helps to improve your overall physical performance. Many people also swear to the effectiveness of green tea to help them go to sleep at night, and as we all know, good sleep habits can help to improve both your mental and physical well-being. To learn more about the health benefits of drinking green tea, have a look here.

These are only two of the numerous health benefits that the consumption of green tea provides. As well as helping to lower the risk of certain types of cancer like breast cancer and prostate cancer, it also helps to protect the brain, and reduce your blood sugar levels. It’s good for your heart and it helps you to lose weight and that can only be seen as a good thing. If you haven’t really thought about drinking green tea, then maybe you need to think about making it a regular part of your day.

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5 Small Things You Can Do to Change the Way You Look

Everyone goes through stages where they feel like they want to change the way they look. However, it doesn’t always take a lot to make yourself feel better about yourself and to feel better. Here are some small things you can do, starting today, to work towards a new you.

  1. Have your teeth fixed

Your teeth are a small part of your face but getting cosmetic dentistry can make a huge difference to the way you look. Visiting a dentist such as Dr Bobby Chhoker, who specialises in cosmetic dentistry, can make a big difference and give you a lot more confidence. You could potentially have clear braces, giving you straighter teeth, or implants to replace damaged or missing teeth, giving you your smile back.

  • Eat better

Eating well isn’t all about losing weight. It can help:

  • Slow down the ageing process
  • Give your skin a glow
  • Give you more energy, allowing you to exercise more
  • Give you better looking skin and nails

It’s not a huge effort to eat better. There are lots of places to get healthy eating ideas, so you can eat delicious food that are still low calorie and low carb. Simply make a few changes to your diet, and in a few months, you’ll no doubt have people commenting on how different you look.

  • Shop for a new wardrobe

Clothes make a huge change to your appearance. If you choose clothes that are flattering and stylish, you can look ten years younger, so it’s worth going shopping and trying some different styles. You don’t have to spend a lot to look good. You simply need clothes that fit well and suit you. If you hate shopping, consider working with a personal stylist, so that they can pick clothes that really work for your lifestyle.

  • Change your make-up

Make-up is something that can be tricky to master, so if you’ve not been good at applying make-up in the past, it may be worth reviewing what’s in your bag. You can take a make-up lesson, which can be tailored to you, and means you can apply your own make-up daily with confidence. However, don’t feel like you always need a full face of make-up to look good, most people find a minimal amount works well too.

  • Use cosmetic fillers

Instead of committing to a major surgery, fillers often provide some of the same effects, without the recovery period. But you should do your research first and make sure you get them done somewhere that follows advice on safe filler usage. From sculpting your face to removing lines, there’s a huge amount of ways to use fillers, and the best part is, they give you instant results. They can help you get the look you want without the pain and cost of surgery.

Changing your look doesn’t mean spending a lot of money or going under the knife. Some small changes can make a big difference and allow you to change the things you don’t like, with minimal effort.

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6 Restaurant and Food Trends to Look Out for in 2021

When you own a restaurant or hospitality business, you need to be able to look out for the latest trends, so you can make sure you’re offering something special and unique. For 2021, a lot of changes will be coming to hospitality, so here are some restaurant and food trends that you need to look out for next year.

  1. Eating out for breakfast and brunch

While people may be tightening their belts in the new year, with more people working from home, there’s predicted to be a rise in people meeting for breakfast and brunch. More and more people now eat big breakfasts, as they have more time to enjoy them without the long commute, and they are usually fairly simple to prepare. You can find professional kitchen equipment at such as coffee makers and sandwich presses, all of which can make it easy to serve morning meals.

  • Food using chickpeas

Chickpeas are not the most interesting of foods, but in 2021, be prepared to see them in a lot of different ways. You may find products using chickpeas, including:

  • Ice cream
  • Cereal
  • Chips
  • Dips
  • Flatbreads

Chickpeas are vegan, healthy and inexpensive, which means they could well be seen in a lot of places you wouldn’t expect.

  • Thai cuisine

A lot of restaurants have Thai restaurants, but not all of them are completely authentic. In 2021, you’re likely to see an increase in Thai places offering authentic Thai cuisine, with fresh ingredients and traditional foods, rather than the westernised versions.

  • Healthy fats are back

After years of fats being seen as unhealthy, they are making a comeback, with plant-based fats posed to be a big trend. People are now looking to add more healthy fats to their diet, and this can come from all sorts of sources, so make sure they’re on your menu.

  • Dark kitchens

Sometimes known as ghost kitchens, dark kitchens are a relatively new concept in catering, which has been growing in the past year. It basically refers to a commercial kitchen that offers delivery services but isn’t attached to a restaurant. So, while food can be delivered direct to customers, there’s no dining space or collection facilities. The COVID crisis saw many restaurants turning into takeaways, and in future, chefs may turn to this kind of business model.

  • Climatarians

Many people are going vegetarian or vegan for climate change reasons, but in 2021, you are likely to see more climatarians. These are people who base their food decisions on the impact it has on the planet, so food needs to have a low carbon footprint. If you want to cater to climatarians, you should read up on food and climate change, so that you can work on creating food that doesn’t hurt the environment.

2021 will see a lot of changes in the type of food people eat, and how they enjoy it, so you’ll no doubt need to adapt to these changes. A few changes at your end will keep you relevant and ensure you keep income coming in.

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A Foodie’s Guide to Making the Perfect Taco Seasoning

Looking to spice up your cooking? Taco night doesn’t have to be at the mercy of a taco seasoning packet you bought on sale years ago.

In fact, you don’t even need to purchase a seasoning packet. You probably have all the spices you need in your pantry. So save yourself a few dollars and get your tastebuds ready for a flavor-packed adventure.

Convenience food or prepared food is great in a pinch but often lacks that “it” factor that elevates a just okay meal to one that becomes a family favorite.

Finding the right seasoning combo is vital to a delicious meal. Read on to find out which taco seasoning ingredients can step up your game in the kitchen.

Taco Seasoning

Release the salt! Salt is one ingredient that is needed on almost every dish. In Mexico salt, lime, and ground cayenne people create the perfect trifecta when it comes to a popular fruit seasoning.

The combination of flavors not only makes the fruit feel like a more substantial treat but also accentuates the sweetness.

If you have access to Mexican oregano that would be a great addition to your DIY taco seasoning. Italian oregano would work just fine though. For a small kick black pepper, chili powder, and smoked paprika give your seasoning more depth.

I know a lot of you may be in a pinch for time so garlic and onion powder will work just fine, but fresh garlic and onion will not only give you great flavor but a nice texture.

Another aromatic you should definitely include in your taco seasoning is cumin. If the seasoning doesn’t seem hot enough for you go ahead and add crushed red pepper and cayenne. Looking for a smokier alternative, smoked chipotle powder is just right for you.

Our recipe workbook can help guide you through all your taco needs. So don’t be afraid to check it out, even if it just for inspiration.

Making your own taco seasoning can be a great way to save a few bucks, but it also lets you customize food to your and your family’s specific tastes. 

Finding the perfect mixture will be trial and error, a delicious error though. Once you find the perfect taco seasoning that meets your needs just make a large batch and store it in an air-tight container.

The Flavors of Mexico in Your Kitchen

No matter your protein beef, pork, and poultry the right seasoning mix elevates a dish to new levels. Imagine the possibilities the right spice mix can have on vegan alternatives like jackfruit, seitan, and tofu.

Being able to create your own mix helps you add the right amount of salt as a lot of prepackaged seasonings come with a day’s if not more worth of sodium. 

Creating your own taco seasoning allows you to control what is in it, and gives you peace of mind knowing you and your family will be receiving the best ingredients at your disposal.

Interested in learning more on how to spice up your life? Check out our other recipes.