Backyard Trends and Inspirations

Your backyard can be the ultimate entertainment and leisure area, expanding your home’s living space to the outdoors. Your yard’s transformation can elevate its aesthetics while also enhancing its functions for enjoyment throughout most months of the year. What are some of the ideas available for your space?

What Is Currently Trending in Backyard Design?

Popular backyard design ideas continue to evolve, and the latest designs are sustainable, functional, and aesthetically appealing. Ornate, high-maintenance yards that were once popular have given way to natural landscaping and materials. Garden areas are increasingly focused on native species that thrive in the local environment with minimal additional care. Such plants are taking over more spaces in yards while the amount of space covered by grass is diminishing. Many people are also integrating vegetables into their gardens. These draw pollinators to support the local ecosystem.

To make your yard well-suited for relaxation and entertainment, special features can be added. Natural stone pavers are popular for walkways winding through gardens as well as for floor coverings near a firepit and an outdoor cooking area. In addition to the use of stone, quality, sustainably sourced wood is used for posts, pergolas, railings, and other similar features. Water features are increasingly popular as the sound of trickling or cascading water adds serenity to the space. Ample seating space continues to be essential. Durable waterproof fabrics and fade-resistant are best suited for longevity and comfort outdoors.

How to Spend More Time Outside This Summer with Family and Friends

When your backyard is well-designed and appointed, your family and friends can comfortably spend time outside enjoying the fresh air and summer breezes. Designing a gorgeous space begins with cleanup. Remove unwanted items that no longer serve a purpose. Add a lounge space with ample seating so that family and friends are comfortable. Consider creating an entertainment zone, which may include an outdoor movie theater or a space for backyard games.

Tips for Enjoying Your Backyard

While you want to optimize your outdoor space for entertaining, carve out a quiet area just for you. This may be a seating area in your garden near the water feature. It could be a covered area that is perfect for reading a book or painting. Consider how you want to use the space individually and design this special area just for you.

In addition, plan for the elements. You can comfortably extend your use of your backyard to the hotter summer days and chillier fall and spring nights by incorporating suitable features. A covered space, for example, will block intense solar rays. A fire pit can keep the chill away and add a charming ambiance. Other ideas are misters, a large fan, a chiminea, and an outdoor heater.

Update Your Backyard Today

With so many exciting trends and design ideas for your backyard, this is the ideal time to transform your outdoor living space, into something you and your entire family can enjoy now and in the years to come. 

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