Solo Travel Destinations For a Transformative Experience

Solo travel can be life-altering: you’ll gain independence, expand as an individual, and learn to face challenges without depending on others for support.

Tenzer suggests selecting destinations with strong tourism infrastructure for solo travel, many English speakers, low crime rates and respect for women when planning your first solo journey. Check out these top places now!


Lisbon has quickly become one of Europe’s premier solo travel destinations. This charming city offers plenty of activities for visitors, from its steep hills and delicious cuisine.

Explore more of this vibrant city’s rich culture by visiting the National Tile Museum (Museu Nacional do Azulejo). Located within an old convent, this museum showcases an impressive collection of 15th century tiles on display.

Another great way to experience the city is through photography walks. Meetup offers events like Street Photo Lx – Lisbon Photo Community where photographers can network while exploring their city together. Additionally, Rooftop Yoga Lisboa may provide some much-needed relaxation.


Thai culture is deeply rooted in Buddhism, with temples and palaces dotting the country. Thailand also boasts impressive natural scenery with mountains, national parks, and breathtaking waterfalls adorning its landscapes.

Bangkok is an ideal choice for solo travellers seeking to experience its fascinating combination of history, religion, modern commerce, nightlife and cuisine. Be sure to visit its ancient temples and bustling night bazaars!

Thailand’s beautiful beaches make the ideal place for an idyllic beach holiday, offering adventure, scuba diving and relaxation all at the same time. Phuket and Koh Samui islands in particular provide plenty of adventure activities such as snorkelling and scuba diving; for a bit of culture try Ayuthaya Ruins or Sukhothai Historical Park both designated UNESCO World Heritage sites.

The Netherlands

Amsterdam is an excellent first solo travel destination. It’s safe, friendly and rich in culture.

Make sure to visit Amsterdam’s three museums during your trip: Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, and Stedelijk. Purchasing tickets ahead of time online can help you avoid long queues while saving both time and money.

Vondel Park in Amsterdam serves as an urban version of New York’s Central Park, making it a wonderful spot for locals to unwind and socialise with one another.

Be sure to visit the Roast Chicken Bar for an authentic Dutch cuisine experience; their dishes are truly delectable! Additionally, try your luck at Jopenkerk: an impressive brewery located within a 14th century church – be sure to purchase travel insurance too – you never know what may pop up!


Prague is one of the top cities for solo travelers. According to TPG, it offers remote work-friendly conditions at reasonable costs while being safe for Americans.

Attracting visitors, this city embodies its vibrant cultural heritage with well-preserved architecture. Be sure to visit Old Town Square during your stay for a breathtaking sight: its medieval astronomical clock is iconic and marvel at Gothic and Baroque cathedrals!

Start exploring your city on foot, meeting fellow travelers while hearing from knowledgeable guides about its history. Or join a language exchange meetup group for some friendly conversation while sharpening your Czech skills!

TimeOut listed Prague as one of the top five global cities for solo female travelers in 2021. December sees its historic center transform into an enthralling winter wonderland filled with culture, warmth, and centuries-old traditions.


If your travel plans don’t overlap with those of your friends, solo travel could be the way to go. Solo trips allow for new experiences while learning something new or immersing oneself in another culture; these types of journeys have seen an upsurge.

Beginning solo travellers have many destinations available to them when selecting travel destinations for their first solo trips abroad. Many nations provide beginner-friendly activities and sights such as beaches or mountain scenery that make these places an excellent starting point.

Japan offers visitors who seek both culture and adventure a fantastic travel experience. Climb iconic Mount Fuji or take part in traditional festivals like Hanami (cherry blossom viewing) or Koyo (leaf peeping). Plus, with convenient stores known as conbini conveniently dotted across its landscape – Japan makes an excellent travel choice.

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