4 Ways to Make a Guys Camping Trip Enjoyable for Everyone

An all guys camping trip is a great way to get away from it all and experience the great outdoors with your friends. However, some men may be less enthusiastic about camping than others because they see it as being more boring than relaxing. The good news is that a little planning can help make camping more fun and enjoyable for everyone, even guys who aren’t big into camping. Here are four great ideas you can use to make your next guys’ camping trip one to remember.

1. Fishing

Fishing and camping are both great by themselves, but even better when combined. This is especially true when you eat what you catch since it makes things more exciting. That said, it is always good to have some backup food just in case the fish aren’t biting. The important thing to remember is that fishing supplies will take up more room so extra thought will be needed when packing. You also need to consider the tools you’ll need to prepare and cook the fish as well.

2. Stories and Songs

Sharing stories and singing songs around the campfire is a great way for guys to have fun while camping. The key is to be prepared though. Think about what kinds of stories you want to tell beforehand and make sure that you carefully consider what instruments you would like to bring. It can also be a good idea to talk this over with your friends if one or more of them plays a specific instrument that you’d like them to bring along.

3. Have Cigars Available

There’s nothing better than having a good smoke when sitting around the campfire and living it up with your friends. Bringing cigars to an all guys camping trip is always a good idea for smokers, especially those who appreciate a good cigar. It’s important to remember that you should balance your budget with the quality of cigar you want. However, a camping trip is a special occasion, so don’t be afraid to treat yourself and your buddies to something nice.

4. Offroad Vehicles and Boating

A high-octane way to make camping more fun for the boys is to bring offroad transportation like ATVs, UTVs, or dirt bikes. If you’re going to be near a body of water you may also consider bringing a boat. Keep in mind that if you don’t own any of these types of vehicles, renting them may be an option depending on your area. Just remember to play it safe and follow all safety instructions and wear any necessary safety gear such as helmets and/or lifevests.

The difference between a boring camping trip and an enjoyable one is all in the planning. Having an idea of what you want to do on the trip and what you need to bring will prevent you from having regrets later. Have fun and put safety first and you’ll have a camping trip that you’ll never forget.

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