5 Gift Ideas Your Groomsmen Will Love

The Best Men are your closest friends. They are the ones who stuck around when you were single for way too long, helped you pick up your dates, celebrated your accomplishments with you, and supported you through every adventure. It’s important to find gifts that they will enjoy and treasure.

1. Whiskey Decanter Set

First off, it’s important to understand that this gift will be personal because the decanter set comes in a set of one with its personalized engraving. Since your groomsmen are likely to enjoy their whiskey when they get home from work or after dinner on the weekend, having a nice decanter set brings a touch of class to their usual routine. They’ll also love that they can pour the whiskey into snifters and share it with their friends and you on special occasions.

2. Cigar

A box of your favorite cigars is a great gift for your groomsmen. It’s simple, and it will remind them of you every time they light up. Be sure to pick out a size and brand that fits their taste (i.e., his favorite cigar). You can even go as far as having the box engraved with their names to make this a very personal gift. This is also an affordable option for groomsmen gifts, but it may be best to take the gents out for drinks before giving them cigars as a thank you after all their hard work. Therefore, this makes a perfect gift for your friend or relative who enjoys spending time outdoors.

3. Cuff Links

Cuff links are a great option for groomsmen gifts, as they’re small and come in many designs. Whether you go with plain silver or opt for engraved cufflinks, your groomsmen will be sure to appreciate the gesture. If you want to personalize them even more, consider engraved monograms or initials on the cufflinks. They will be a reminder of the bond you have with your guys every time they put them on. This is a gift that your groomsmen will be sure to wear for years to come.

4. Mini Whiskey Barrel

This is a great option for those who like variety and to switch between different types of alcohol. A mini whiskey barrel holds 5 bottles (3 oz each) and can be used as a decorative drink dispenser at parties or other special events where your friends want to serve unique drinks. Additionally, this is one of the more affordable gifts for your groomsmen.

5. Engraved Money Clip

Let your groomsmen know how much you appreciate their friendship by getting them an engraved money clip for each of them. This is a gift that they can keep with them at all times and one that will remind them that you are grateful for their involvement in your wedding day and their friendship. You can find money clips engraved with the guys’ names and wedding dates in different styles and designs to suit your taste and personalities. It is also one of the more affordable gifts for your groomsmen.

When you’re searching for groomsmen gifts, it’s important to find things that your guys will use. If you know what kinds of activities they enjoy, finding a gift that matches that pastime is an easy way to find the perfect present. Also, consider their personalities when shopping around for groomsman gifts. For example, if your guy is a hiker, getting him a phone stand probably won’t be the best option. Whatever you choose, your friends are sure to appreciate any of these gift ideas for groomsmen!

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