A Look At Things Never to Take With You on An Airplane

Airport security has gotten a lot tighter in recent years. That is why there are many things that are seemingly harmless, but you are not allowed to bring them on the plane. Here is a list of some of those items.

Knitting Needles

Many people like to pass time by knitting and crocheting things. However, the tools are not allowed on the plane because they are considered a hazard to other passengers. Keep in mind that plastic needles are not allowed on the plane either. You have to leave all of your sewing tools at home.


You are allowed to bring food with you on the plane. However, soup from home is one of the things that you are not allowed to bring on the plane. The reason that you cannot bring your soup is because the 3.4 ounce liquid allowance. If you’re craving soup, consider buying it from a restaurant in the airport.

Heating Pads

Heating pads are great for keeping you warm and cozy. However, you cannot take this on the plane with you. The reason that you cannot take the heating pad on the plane is because the gel that is designed to keep you warm is considered a liquid. It does not pass the 3.4 ounce rule.

Cigar Lighter

It is okay for you to bring cigars on the plane. However, you are not allowed to bring a cigar lighter on the plane. The reason is that the lighter is an obvious fire hazard. You will have to put your lighter in the bag.


Fertilizer is something that you cannot bring on the plane. You won’t be able to put it in your checked bag either. As strange as it may sound, fertilizer can be dangerous. In fact, some criminals have used fertilizer to make dangerous things.

Cast Iron Pans

Most pans and pots are allowed on the plane. However, you will not be allowed to bring a pot or pan that is made out of cast iron on the plane. Cast iron pans and pots are made out of pure metal, which is why you cannot bring them on the plane. You can put them in your checked bag.

Foam Swords

Foam swords are fun toys. It is also impossible to mistake them for a real one. However, TSA will not let you bring foam swords. Safety isn’t the reason they won’t let you have foam swords with you on the plane. There is a rule that says that you are not allowed to bring items that resemble weapons on the plane.

Bear Spray

Bear spray comes in handy while you are out hiking in the woods or camping. The purpose of it is to protect you from animals and humans. However, you cannot put this in your carry-on or checked bag.

You also are not allowed to use bear bangers. They are designed to scare off bangers by making a loud noise. If the noise goes off, then it will scare the other people on the plane. You could also be permanently banned from the airline if someone else gets a hold of your bear banger.

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