8 Signs It’s Time to Consider Dentures

While you may not think you’ll eventually need dentures, they are actually more common than you think. Millions of people receive either partial or full dentures every year. There are many benefits that come along with receiving dentures. Not only can dentures help you restore the full functionality of your teeth, but they can also increase your self-esteem by filling out the shape of your face and jawline.

1- You Don’t Schedule Regular Dental Visits

Regular dental visits are vital when it comes to keeping your teeth healthy and strong. If you frequently skip out on visits to the dentist you may be missing critical windows of opportunity to address worsening tooth and gum issues. Schedule an appointment with your dentist in order to assess whether or not your teeth are as healthy as they should be.

2- You Have Reoccurring Issues With Your Gums

If you notice that your gums are swollen, bleed after brushing, or are red and inflamed, you’re likely experiencing some form of gum disease. If left untreated, gum disease can lead to tooth decay, infection, and other serious issues.

3- You Notice Changes in the Appearance of Your Teeth

Are there gaps in your smile where they weren’t before? If your teeth are loose or you notice widening gaps, this could be a sign of receding gums. The problem with gum disease is that it progresses quickly and often without notice.

4- You Have Reoccurring Toothaches

Toothaches that are not related to specific triggers are a sign that something is wrong. Toothaches stem from nerve pain deep in the root, which is an indication of infection. If caught early, a filling is usually the best solution. However, if it’s advanced then it may be time to speak with your dentist about getting dentures.

5- You Lost a Permanent Tooth

If you’ve lost a permanent tooth, and it wasn’t due to trauma or injury, it could be due to weakened or diseased gums. Losing teeth without notice or warning is a sure sign that you should see a dentist.

6- You Have Trouble Eating Hard Food Items

While some people have a hard time eating extremely hot or cold foods, those who are struggling with gum issues or cracked teeth will have a hard time biting into hard foods. Biting into chewy food items is also an issue for those with significant gum and tooth problems.

7- You Experience Frequent Bouts of Indigestion

While this may seem like a strange symptom to experience, it makes sense that those with tooth or gum problems suffer from frequent bouts of indigestion. Those with sore gums or tooth problems will try to avoid chewing their food any more than necessary. Because of this, they will swallow larger pieces of food than they otherwise would. Those large pieces of food cause indigestion, upset stomach, and other gastrointestinal issues.

8- You Don’t Like Smiling for Pictures

You communicate with the rest of the world with your smile. If you find yourself reluctant to show off your smile (and instead remain tight-lipped for pictures) you may want to reach out to a dentist and see if dentures are a right fit for you.

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