Wedding Trends to follow in 2021

Wedding Trends to follow in 2021

Personalizing your wedding day is something most brides and grooms dream of. You want your nuptials to be extra special and memorable for you and your guests. Thanks to social media, some fabulous trends start popping up that give tons of inspiration for that all-important walk down the aisle. Our experts have put together a list of hot wedding trends to follow in 2021.

Floral Chandeliers

Some romantic couples would like to bring garden beauty to their affair, and that’s where flowers come to play. Let’s be honest. Flowers take center stage for most wedding events, and floral chandeliers are the elegant trend that continue making headlines in 2021.

Floral garlands and lush greenery hanging overhead or draped in suspension can evoke a sense of ethereal charm and easily decorate a wedding space both large and small. These stunning florals can be matched to the colors in the bride’s bouquet and even to the delicate details that adorn her beautiful wedding dress.

Floral chandeliers can be arranged in so many artistic ways that become a feast for the eyes.

Boho Non-Comformity

The bohemian or boho vibe is one that exudes an effortless, romantic and free-spirited attitude. In 2021, a boho wedding has become a popular style of nuptials, and best of all, there aren’t any hard rules or heavy traditions to follow.

Everything is chill from the mismatched dinnerware to a rustic reception to a bride and groom who walk barefoot. It all depends on the couple’s style, mood and decor ideas.

Nothing is perfectly coordinated, and that is what makes a boho wedding more unique, kicked back and modern.

Reception Food And Drink

Industry experts are excited about the food and beverage trends for weddings in 2021. The world has gone through a lot of significant changes because of the global pandemic, but life is bouncing back rather nicely, and wedding receptions are definitely on and delivering some incredible trends.

For example, cocktail hour is still a favorite reception tradition at many nuptials, and self-contained appetizers are just one method of presenting finger foods to guests. Some couples are choosing to go with “apps in a glass” such as seafood cocktails or spicy ceviche, for easy handling. Or chicken satay served in an individual container is another trend.

Also, bottled or canned cocktails are making their way at wedding receptions in 2021. You can even have a signature drink created, bottled and labeled with a monogram, etc.

Farm-to-table menu options are also something that has been evolving for a few years now, and some couples opt for locally and seasonally sourced cuisine at their reception for fresh, colorful produce and flavorful meats, poultry and seafood.

Self-serve buffets are making way for plated dinners, instead.

Food trucks have also been a trend seen at outdoor wedding receptions where guests can grab their meal from the truck and enjoy a picnic-style dinner.

Concept Lighting

Ask any famous model or actor about the value of gorgeous lighting, and they’ll agree that the right lighting is everything.

Concept lighting can take your wedding to the ultimate in sophistication whether it’s indoors or outdoors. Lights set the tone and mood for your evening.

There are so many lighting designs to choose from, including vintage chandeliers to exposed bulbs to festoons in cages to candles on a beach.

Making your wedding day personal is the goal for most couples. There is an abundance of inspiration on social media to guide you. Whatever you decide, do it your way.

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