Secret Scoop Thai Gelato

As the weather is warming up in the Bay Area the cravings for cold sweets are ever present. Gelato, ice cream’s lighter, oftentimes healthier version has caught our attention and is making our taste buds go wild. We’re not talking the standard gelato flavors you find in your local market. Though they’ll always remain the classics; vanilla, chocolate and even pistachio just don’t seem to cut it with Secret Scoop Thai Gelato in San Francisco, CA.


This Spring/Summer season get a bit more adventurous with your dessert. Secret Scoop is dishing out original Thai and other South East Asian inspired flavor combinations such as Blackberry Basil, Strawberry Lavender, Roasted Coconut and even the infamously “stinky” Thai Monthong Durian! Owner and gelato aficionado, Supaneat “Funn” Fisher, is passionate about maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle. Her gelatos (all homemade) feature an impressive array of 100% natural and seasonal ingredients. Grab a spoonful, or in our case a quart, and enjoy these flavorful, low calorie sweets without consuming the added fat and sugars commonly found in store-bought ice creams. So go ahead and oblige that nagging sweet tooth of yours, guilt free!

Strawberry Lavender

Photos courtesy of Secret Scoop Thai Gelato.