New Year. New You. Part 1

Its been a little over two weeks into the new year (now be honest), who’s already broken their new year resolutions? Year after year, we make resolutions to better ourselves mentally, emotionally, and physically, but you know what – change is hard. For those of us attempting to dedicate our new year to a healthier self, we know that dining out can be quite tricky.  Luckily, the Esterel Mediterranean restaurant in the Sofitel in Los Angeles, CA is offering up a delish De-light menu.


Boasting of dishes all under 225 calories, you can enjoy a low calorie and guiltless meal with dessert. The menu includes:

De-Light Menu

SEA BASS ESCABECHE 112 cal – pink cured sea bass, baby pink beets, pea shoots, with perslaine

CHANTERELLE 86 cal – marinated santa barbara chanterelle mushrooms, garden tarragon, salinas baby arugula, and shaved fennel

SOLE 221 cal – steamed sole, zucchini, tomato, fennel, mushroom, lemon, and thyme

LINGUINI 206 cal – gluten free linguini, basil ratatouille, and el monte california fresh burratta

De-Light Dessert

PUMPKIN SILKEN CHEESECAKE 167 cal – persimmon and pomegranate

STRAWBERRY COBBLER 156 cal – strawberry rhubarb and whipped fromage blanc

Strawberry Cobbler with whipped fromage blanc


8555 Beverly Boulevard  Los Angeles, CA 90048.

Photo credit: Natalie Woyshner.