Dark Horse Wine

To the wine newbie, choosing a bottle of wine from the extensive variety available  on the grocer’s shelves can be quite an overwhelming and daunting task.  So let’s start by  introducing one wine at a time, beginning with newcomer Dark Horse Wine. Part of the Gallo Wines family, Dark Horse Wine currently offers a Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon in their selection.  Aged in steel with both French and American oak, the flavors for Dark Horse Wines are influenced by the maritime and delta region nearby Modesto, CA.

Some of the dishes you might pair with Dark Horse Wines include dishes found at ink. such as the duck rillette, waffle, mustard, griddled pear, banyuls vinegar; or the baja scallops, egg yolk gnocchi, mushroom hay; and the pork belly, charcoal oil, bbq flavor, petrified yams.  To make your own pairings, Dark Horse Wines can be found at your local Trader Joe’s and placed at an accessible price point of under $10.

Photos by Nina Semaun.