Spice up Sunday Night Football

Although we all love the standard BBQ, hot wings, pizzas, and chips at any tailgate party or game day viewing, elevate your game day dining experience with these following establishments!

Tom Bergin’s in Los Angeles, CA is serving up classics with a twist from the Fried Spicy Chicken Skin with Cashel Bleu Cheese Sauce to a Housemade Pretzel with Mustard and their Reuben Balls with Sauerkraut and Russian dressing. 840 S. Fairfax Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90036

STREET in Hollywood, CA kicks up your traditional chips and dip with  Edamame Hummus with Crispy Papadum Chips and Greek Artichoke with Coal Roasted, Wild Oregano Sauce.  Finger foods available include Korean BBQ Short Ribs—Boneless Beef Shortribs slow roasted in Korean Barbecue Sauce and topped with Asian Pear Kimchi; and the Jamaican Gingerbrew Chicken, soaked overnight in Red Stripe Beer, Ginger Beer, Chiles, and Spices, rubbed in Jamaican Jerk Seasonings and slow roasted in the wood oven.  742 N Highland Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90038

Mezze in Los Angeles, CA spices up the season with Braised Moroccan Chicken Wings with Picholine Olive, and Golden Raisins; Syrian Rebel Fries with Heirloom Beans, Brisket, and String Cheese; and Eggplant Hush Puppies401 North La C ienega Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90048

Malo / Mas Malo in Los Angeles/Downtown LA dishes out a Soyrizo (or Shrimp) Fundido w/ Bread, a Queso Fresco and Red Radish, Warm Chocolate Arbol Salsa and ChipsMexican Pizza, and Echo Park Corn on the Cobb. Malo – El Prado | The Echo & Echoplex; Mas Malo – 515 W. 7th Street – 1st Floor, Los Angeles CA 90014

Photo courtesy of Mezze.