LUCKYRICE Night Market and Festival

As we previously reported, on Saturday, August 4th, Angelenos had the opportunity to attend the LUCKYRICE Night Market and Festival hosted by Sang Yoon of Lukshon and Father’s Office. If you weren’t lucky enough to join the festivities, here is a quick snapshot of some of  the deliciousness that you missed.

Attendees enjoyed a number of tastings from each of the acclaimed chefs, but none as many as host Sang Yoon who present 5 dishes – 3 savory and 2 desserts[shown in the featured photo on top].

A wide variety of dishes were served from Susur Lee’s Mexican goat cheese tart with Chinese duck sausage to Erik Bruner-Yang’s Bok Lahong – spicy Khmer papaya salad to Sung Kwon Yang’s Mango-passionfruit mousse cake and Matcha green tea mousse cake for dessert. Although this was not the typical or authentic night market, the tastings served definitely did the trick.

Photo Credit: Natalie Woyshner