One Market's 'Weekly Beast' dinners

About a year and a half ago, One Market’s chef Mark Dommen (pictured above) and co-founder Michael Dellar came up with “The Weekly Beast” concept spotlighting a different animal. This four-course dinner is still dazzling crowds looking for something different. Chef Dommen’s idea pays tribute to the Michelin-starred restaurant’s philosophy of farm to table. During the month of March, he has already served up beef, lamb, and veal. Come this Friday and Saturday (March 28 and 29) as chef will be cooking up a pig from Devils Gulch Ranch in Nicasio, CA.

The pig

Chef Dommen admits, though he has the opportunity to be creative cooking up dishes focused on different beasts, pig is still his favorite. “There is so much animal to work with. You can cure it, roast it, make charcuterie with it,” Dommen says.

The pig might be his go to animal, but goat is slowly becoming a close second. “Goat is the new meat that’s gaining popularity. It’s also a lot of fun to work with. It’s something we didn’t use before we started Weekly Beast,” Dommen says.

The dinner

The animal prepared is usually decided a month ahead but the menu is created only a few days before Friday. Guests looking to attend the dinner can check One Market’s website for weekly updates. The prix-fixe Weekly Beast menu is $45 per person with and additional charge for wine pairings.