Art as an appetizer – secret menu at John Sedlar’s Playa and Rivera

From now until March 31, a secret menu will be available at John Sedlar‘s Playa and Rivera in L.A. to guests with proof of admission to any of Pacific Standard Time’s Exhibitions and guests who ask for the “Pacific Standard Time Secret Menu.” Joined by artist and Del Maguay Mescal’s Ron Cooper and mixologist Julian Cox, Chef John Sedlar’s Playa and Rivera will host a menu inspired by select art work from Pacific Standard Time’s collection.

Food and art

As Pacific Standard Time’s collection marks the L.A. art scene from 1945 – 1980, PST connects the soulfulness of food and drink to art. As Chef John Sedlar looks for inspiration within the chosen artwork itself, he asks, “Where did she get her idea?” Through this method of discovery, Chef Sedlar found three pieces of art with a shared theme evoking the feeling of smoke, heat, and fire. For the appetizer, John chose Beatrice Woodʼs work “Fish Platter,” creating a crudo assortment of fresh and smoked seafood with kumquats, fresno chiles, lime, red seaweed, and copita of chichicapa mezacal.

The main course presented is a grilled breast of chicken with cobb salad quemado, goat cheese, and incendiary salsa inspired by Ed Ruschaʼs 1965-1968 “Los Angeles County Museum of Art on Fire,” continuing the theme of fire and smoke. Lastly, the dessert course presents a trio of sorbet splashes in roasted pineapple mescal, poblano chile lime, hibiscus pomegranate served with an almond tuile, inspired by Carlos Almarazʼs 1982 “Beach Trash Burning.”


As art inspires the soul, this menu also fills the spirit, with three specialty Del Maguay Mescal cocktails created by mixologist Juliun Cox. Ron Cooper says mescal is an “incredible elixir, bringing spirit back to spirit.” Inspired by Ron Coopers’s 1969 piece “Ball Drop,” the Ball Drop cocktail incorporates Single village mezcal, London dry gin, fresh lime yuzu tincture, and cayenne.

The ’46 Chevy in Wilmington, CA – micro climate mezcal, agave nectar, st. vincent orgeat, passion fruit, fresh lemon, lavendar air – is inspired by Oscar Castilloʼs 1972 piece “47 Chevy in Wilmington, CA.” Lastly is the “Untitled,” a cocktail consisting of chichicapa, cocchi vermouth di torino, olorosso, grapefruit peel, inspired by Larry Bellʼs 1964 piece “Untitled.”