Handsome Coffee Roasters launching flagship location in L.A.

Coming February 15, Handsome Coffee Roasters will open their flagship coffee bar in the Arts District of downtown Los Angeles. 2010 World Barista Champion Michael Phillips is joined by coffee pros Tyler Wells and Chris Owens as co-founders. Michael is the only American to ever win the title.

At Handsome’s

The L.A. coffee bar will offer Espressos for $3, Espresso + Steamed Milk-3 oz./5.oz. $4, and 1oz Espressos for $5. Brewed Coffee will be sold at market price ($4-$9). Pastries will be provided by Proof Bakery of Atwater Village in L.A. and most drinks will be available iced. Baristas will use the highest quality whole organic milk.

Michael has this to say about having the flagship location in L.A., “we needed a perfect location to make this dream a reality. Fortunately, Los Angeles fit the bill as a city that cares a great deal about craft, creativity and quality.”

New York’s next

Early 2012, the Handsome boys will be opening their second location in the heart of Wall Street, round the corner from the New York Stock Exchange. The location will be officially named Handsome Coffee Roasters at Demi Monde, located at 90 Broad Street. Expect the same drink offerings as the L.A. location.

“New York feels like the new proving grounds for forward-thinking coffee bars. Entering into that market with the support and teamwork involved with the Demi Monde project is energizing. We know that we will have to work for every ounce of credit we are striving for, but given the location and partnership involved, we are all more than excited to tackle the challenge,” says Michael.