Escape and decompress at the Mondrian Los Angeles

Driving by, you may miss the Mondrian Hotel on the Sunset Strip because it doesn’t boast any obvious signage, and that’s the point. But if you look up, you’ll notice the huge double doors a la Alice In Wonderland. The Mondrian aims to be an oasis of escape from L.A.’s hectic way of life and part of the charm comes from its nondescript exterior. A walk through the doors brings you the two themes the Mondrian is built around, escapism and decompression.

Check out their penthouse, Asian-Cuban fusion restaurant Asia de Cuba, and mojito specialized Skybar in our video tour.


The penthouse, as do all the rooms, showcases the two themes. You have the whimsical, escapism of Alice in Wonderland seen in objects like the giant hand extending a gesture of welcome to your room and the rotating mirror and TV combo that puts you into the world of Hollywood. The other side of decompression shown in the beach-vibe of the decor and handmade one-of furniture is something with a Miami feel.

Guests have the choice of booking one or both of the joining rooms in the penthouse depending on your needs, since one room is more suited for parties while the other for couples.

Asia de Cuba

A beach-house laid back feel with indoor and outdoor dining options. The food comes from a specific area of Chinese immigrants in Cuba. Inspired by them, it uses Asian technique with Cuban ingredients. What you get are dishes like Pan Seared Jumbo Sea Scallops with sweet and sour plantains and Habanero corn crema, and Char Sui Beef Short Ribs with ongre tostones and chili orange mojo.


The open air, ivy covered pavilion is up a short set of stairs just steps from the pool. Specializing in mojitos, different variations of their signature drink are available, such as the Mango Mojito. Skybar maintains the decompression, beach theme and provides broad views of the city.

Moving pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words but movies still say more. See the Mondrian in our video.