Neveux Artisan Creamery scooping sweet and savory ice creams

Here to “save Los Angeles from frozen yogurt” with his housemade, sweet and savory ice creams is owner and creator Leo Neveux of Neveux Artisan Creamery & Espresso Bar in Los Angeles, CA. Neveux Artisan Creamery focuses on flavors that are out of the box using both sweet and savory ingredients providing Angelenos with a different experience.

Craft creams

Once a slave to the corporate machine, owner Leo Neveux was inspired by San Franscisco creameries, Bi-Rite Creamery and Humphry Slocombe, and left the corporate world to embark upon his own journey in artisan ice creams. Neveux’s creations are made from scratch using an organic dairy blend to create the 10 ice creams available of the 25 rotating flavors on his menu. The many sweet and savory ice creams on the menu range from the popular gateway flavor Salted Caramel to Leo’s favorite the Pepper Peach to the current holiday special – Pumpkin Spice Cranberry.

Other flavors available are the Creme Fraiche, Strawberry Balsamic, Honey Lavender, Rosemary Butterscotch, Blueberry Chevre, Rhubarb Mint, Espresso Caramel, Ginger, Toasted Marshmallow, Coconut Curry Lemongrass, Pepper Peach, Maple Fig, Roasted Banana, Pineapple Sage and Caliente Cinnamon Chocolate.

Dips and drinks

Neveux also offers a number of ice cream flavors in the nostalgic ice cream bar to be dipped in dark or milk chocolate. Coffee, espresso, cappuccino, latté, macchiato, and more from 49th Parallel Roasters and teas from the Art of Tea are available to compliment your ice cream.

Photography provided by Natalie M. Woyshner