Dripp, the boutique coffee shop in Chino Hills with world class brews

Artisanal coffee in Chino HillsDripp is a quality and craft focused boutique coffee shop opening today. We got an early tasting, had a chat with the founder, Rabih Sater, and a video of our man Jamil at work.

Why Chino Hills?

Rabih explains the reasoning behind the location, “I’ve lived here in Chino Hills most of my life and whenever we wanted to go anywhere unique or different, it would always be L.A. or Orange County.”

The lack of vibrant locales in Chino Hills is an opportunity for Rabih to not only stand out, but also to provide value to his city. Dripp is one of the forerunners in making Chino Hills a place you’d want to be at.

When conceiving the idea, Rabih did ask himself, “where can I put this other than Chino Hills?” While ‘home’ won the debate, Rabih does have plans for expansion.

If you’re feelin’ Dripp, let them know. They have a feature on their site for your opinion on where the next Dripp should be.


The hand dripped coffees are ground to order. Dripps selection comes from Espresso Republic and Intelligentsia with beans from all over the world that are sourced at the peak of freshness. Each cup is made by hand using the “V60 Hario pour over” method with four choices of brews including The Celebration, a blend of beans from Kenya, Ethiopia and Columbia.

Dripp’s Dolci Fini is a creative espresso shot with vanilla syrup and heavy cream in a sugar rimmed flute shot glass. When sipped, the coffee progresses in flavor and coffee intensity, with a “sweet end.”

A Japanese style slow drip machine, the Oji drips for 6 – 10 hours producing a sweet and smooth coffee that they put on ice.

Caffeine free options are also available like the GinGin, a fresh & spicy West African iced ginger lemonade, or a Hot Chocolate with torched to order marshmallows.

Cookies and creams

Dripp’s cookies are handmade and can be made into an ice cream sandwich. Traditional ice cream favorites are available but ask for a sample of the Maple Bacon flavor if your curious.

Cookies can be bought individually or by the Dripp Dozen (14). Fresh pastries are also brought in daily and vary in selection.


Our main coffee man for the night was Jamil, self proclaimed “Token and Barista.” Talking to Jamil, you get the feeling that he wants your coffee to be as good as it can get.

His enthusiasm and gratitude over being trained by Intelligentsia was the most excitement we’ve ever seen someone have over work training.

Jamil serving us up

Jamil makes us a Celebration hand drip and explains the crazy looking Oji slow drip machine. His slogan: “if it doesn’t drip, it shouldn’t pour.”

Photography and video provided by Laura Izumikawa