'The Royce at the Langham's' Chef de Cuisine David Féau

Chef David Féau‘s long list of culinary accomplishments range from Corporate Executive Chef of the Patina group, former protégé of Guy Savoy, and he was named one of the six best chefs in France under 30 by Le Chef Magazine. Chef David now finds himself as the Chef de Cuisine of The Royce at the Langham Huntington Hotel in Pasadena, CA introducing a new kind of fine dining cuisine to the Angeleno palate.

Who is David Féau?

Hailing from a small town south of Paris, chef David knew at a young age of his future career in the culinary world. He grew up on a family farm where his family raised their own livestock and grew their produce, introducing young David to what good food is supposed to be and the value of quality produce.

As chef David tells us, “I grew up in a simple family, but there was always good food,” simple food done right and what chef David refers to as “happy cooking.” The people of chef David’s hometown were predominately blue collar workers and as David learned to cook with his mother and tested his creations on his brothers, he quickly realized his true calling.

Farmer’s choice

Growing up on a farm allowed chef David to culture his love for good food made from quality, fresh produce as well as hone his skill and understanding of the characteristics to look for in a quality product.

This is a skill that he uses weekly as he tastes the produce purchased for The Royce during his visits to the Santa Monica Farmers Market. What chef David looks for in the quality of the produce is effected by the soil and environment in which it is grown, showcasing the rich produce of California and its local farmers through his menu.

His process

Chef David focuses on quality farm-fresh ingredients grown locally. His menu showcases the qualities of the produce alongside complimentary ingredients, allowing the produce to truly shine.

In addition to Chef David’s weekly farmers’ market trips, he also tastes, and tastes, and tastes his dishes until they’re right. Through all the work chef David puts in to create his dishes, he emphasizes to us that “the more love put in cooking, the better it tastes.”

Cuisine at the Royce

Out with the old and in with the new, New American Cuisine that is. Chef David’s style of cuisine is described as Californian fare prepared with classic French technique and refinement. The menu at The Royce at the Langham Huntington Hotel is dedicated to the local farmer as Chef David highlights their product.

It consists of an A La Carte Menu featuring items such as a kampachi fillet with radish oro blanco grapefruit, pinkerton avocado, and mustard green pepper-mint, a Tuscan olive oil poached whole maine lobster with carrot “crue-cuite” and coral vinaigrette, skinless roasted guinea hen with nantes carrot, petit pois “en cavale,” and domestic caviar au jus, to name a few.

Also available is the 5 course Royce Tasting Menu and Chef’s Table for a different experience. The exclusive Chef’s Table seats at most eight guests and includes a six course tasting menu. This custom created experience by chef David also features an amuse bouche, pre-dessert, champagne and wine pairings, as well as a seat to watch the Royce kitchen in-action.

Who can forget about the wine

[quote]The Royce manager and wine director Eric Espuny provides over 5000 bottles of wine in 2 separate glass climate controlled rooms, one for the reds and the other for the white wines. These old and new world wines are paired with the seasonal menu.

As chef David says, “I love showcasing the beauty and complex flavors of local produce and pure ingredients, and invite guests to experience the gastronomic wonders of true cooking.”

What David eats

Over the last 10 years that chef David has lived in the United States, he tells us that the best part of living here is the authentic food that you can find from Asian to French to Mexican, “it’s a different world.”

Food for him is whatever he feels like, whether it’s Korean barbeque, noodles, or a burrito, “the quality of good food; fantastic quality.”