American Whiskey vs. Bourbon: What’s the Difference

What is the difference between American whiskey and bourbon?

If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, then read on. In this article, we will teach you all about these historic drinks, and how they’re made. By understanding the different ingredients and distilling methods, you can finally decide which liquor’s right for you!

We will also provide a list of popular brands for both types of liquor to help get you started in your research. Should you make a whiskey or bourbon drink tonight? Read on to find out!

All About American Whiskey

Let’s start with whiskey! American whiskeys are made primarily from grains, which may include corn or maize. They’re distilled to a lower alcohol level than most other spirits and then aged in charred oak barrels for at least three years.

Some of the best-known types of American whiskeys are Kentucky bourbon, Tennessee whiskey, and rye whiskey. You should also try American honey whiskey and blackened American whiskey. Want to experience a whiskey flavor profile that’s off the charts? Click Here to check out one of the biggest players right now.

What Does Whiskey Taste Like?

If you’ve never tried whiskey, you may have a preconceived notion of what it tastes like. Many people believe that the flavor is similar to bourbon and scotch, but there are several different types of whiskeys available in America.

The flavor can vary from brand to brand because each distiller has its recipe and method of production to craft its particular style.

No matter which type you choose (if any), we recommend experimenting with varieties before settling on one favorite!

Top Whiskey Brands

What are the top whiskey brands? If you’re working with a budget, Jim Bean makes a great Whiskey. However, it’s not considered top tier.

Another fun American whiskey, we suggest trying is Wild Turkey. It has a strong, smooth flavor and doesn’t skimp on quality

Depending on where you live, you’ll have different top-tier options available. If you don’t know the names of each brand you want to try, that’s okay. Simply go to a local liquor store, and let an employee know you want to try a high-end whiskey. After all, it’s a good idea to try different brands until you find one that works for your taste buds!

Mixed Drinks With Whiskey

What type of whiskey drink should you stir up? The Old Fashioned is a classic drink that came to be in the 1880s. The drink consists of sugar syrup, bitters (typically Angostura), water or soda water as an optional ingredient, ice cubes, and whisky.

Another great drink is the Manhattan, consisting of whiskey (typically rye), sweet vermouth, and bitters. Next, the Whiskey Sour consists of whiskey, lemon or lime juice, sugar syrup, and egg white.

A Sazerac is a strong drink that uses either bourbon or rye as its main ingredient in addition to ice water and absinthe. The final product mixes with simple syrup for added sweetness.

Finally, there’s the Irish coffee which consists of hot coffee combined with whiskey and brown sugar before being topped off with whipped cream from an aerosol canister.

What Bourbon’s All About

Bourbon is a type of whiskey produced in the United States. Its name comes from Bourbon County, Kentucky. Unlike most other types of whiskey (which are strictly defined), there’s no strict definition for what makes something bourbon.

Bourbon just has to be at least 51% corn. It also has to age in new oak barrels and then bottled at 80-proof or higher with nothing added except water to cut alcohol content.

The common flavor profile includes notes of vanilla, caramel, cinnamon, clove, honeycomb candy, and tobacco leaf–sometimes all on one sip! These flavors come about because during aging the spirit picks up these compounds as well as vanillin. The vanillin comes from the barrel wood.

Difference Between Bourbon vs Whiskey

Now you know that bourbon is a type of whiskey, but keep in mind not all whiskeys are bourbons. By definition, American whiskey includes bourbon and any kind of distilled spirit that is not single malt scotch.

It must be produced in America and aged for a certain period to become eligible as “straight bourbon.” Bourbon can also have other grains such as wheat, barley, or rye added to it. The taste profile often reflects these additional ingredients.

Whiskey may also include other ingredients such as malted barley or unmalted grains like oats, millet, rice, and potatoes.

Straight Bourbon

Typically, straight bourbon is aged for about 2 years in new oak barrels and can be drawn from these barrels after they’re empty (referred to as “sour mash”). This process of drawing whiskey affects the flavor significantly. Bourbons with higher rye or wheat content will have more spice flavors on top of their sweetness whereas bourbons made up primarily of corn tend to be mellower with less complexity but still plenty of character!

Whiskey may also include other ingredients such as malted barley or unmalted grains like oats, millet, rice, potatoes; even sugar if it’s distilled using an alembic pot still rather than a column.

The distilleries of Kentucky have the most bourbon brands. Why? Because they were originally known as “the Bluegrass State”. The name was due to their dark blue grasslands. The lands made excellent grazing land for cattle (which also happen to produce high-quality beef).

Tennessee Whiskey Is Bold

Tennessee produces its style of whiskey. Meanwhile, other states such as Kentucky and Indiana produce bourbon, uses a mixture of corn, rye, or wheat. If you’ve never tried a Tennessee-style whiskey, you need to.

Tennessee whiskey is a style of bourbon that must meet strict requirements restricting it only to certain grains like rye or malted barley with charcoal filtering during the production process.

What are the best Tennessee Whiskey brands? You should try Jack Daniel’s Old No. 44 Black Label Bourbon and George Dickel #12 Rye Whisky. If you like the Tennessee flavor profile, keep going with a bottle of Gentleman Jack Premium Blend Whiskey or Cascade Hollow Single Barrel Straight Corn Whiskey!

Try Something New

Now you know the truth! Bourbon is a type of whiskey. But, not all whiskeys are bourbons! Your bourbon drink will taste different depending on how it was made. You can make your own sweet and spicy flavors by choosing the ingredients in your recipe carefully.

We recommend picking one of our favorite brands of American Whiskey today. Try adding some ice cubes to turn your cocktail into a refreshing summertime drink! Need to kill a little more time? Why not check out the rest of this site?

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