San Francisco and Washington, DC Food Gurus Partner Up

This summer, two food-focused startups come together to start something… well, genius. Two Degrees, Inc. and Earth Starter are partnering up to help fight childhood hunger in America. How? Through Two Degrees, Earth Starter will donate four meals to children in need for every Nourishmat that’s purchased.


“The Nourishmat is an all-in-one modular garden that is laid on top of soil and is color-coded to teach users how to maximize herb and vegetable growth in small spaces. It includes seedballs, a crafty mix of compost, worm castings fertilizer, chili-powder, and non-GMO seeds for improved germination and optimal growth.”

Learn how to grow your own veggies, herbs and flowers while giving back and feeding those in need.  Kudos, guys!

To learn more about the projects visit: and

Photos courtesy of Two Degrees, Inc. and Earth Starter.