The Parish: Breakfast Biscuits

Relatively new to DTLA, The Parish has made quite an impression on our palates – starting with Chef Casey Lane’s breakfast biscuits.  For a measly $4 each, guests can enjoy one or all of these freshly baked breakfast goodies as early as 7:30AM. A variety of biscuits are available,  from the CHEDDAR, EGG, BACON & AVOCADO to the GRILLED TOMATO & CHEESE to the FRIED CHICKEN, MAPLE & PICKLES – as well as the lone biscuit or biscuits slathered with jam.

Pro tip:

1. One is never enough, try ’em all.

2. Fried chicken biscuit is a must try.

3. If your thirsty, The Parish offers a specialty coffee program to complement these breakfast goodies.

4. Of course there’s also tea.