Temecula Valley’s Wine Country showcases their growing popularity with their sold-out ‘World of Wine’ barrel tasting weekend

While Napa Valley may be the most popular wine destination in California, one shouldn’t be so quick to forget the wineries of Temecula Valley – which has seen consistent growth in popularity over the last few years.  This past weekend, the wineries of Temecula shared their finest with the 21st annual “World of Wine” event.  From the big vineyards such as Wilson Creek to newer ones like Europa Village, over thirty wineries participated in this sold-out event.

While sampling some of the most popular wines, guests were also treated to barrel tastings at each stop of the vineyards newest creations. These barrel tastings ranged from wines that will still be maturing for another year to ones that will be bottled within the next few months. Select vineyards even offered future purchases of these barreled wines.

And since drinking by itself from one winery to another runs the risk (or guarantee) of slight inebriation, food parings were offered at each stop, complimenting the wines each vineyard showcased. Such food pairings that guests were treated to included an Italian Ribollita vegetable soup served in a sourdough bowl paired with a 2010 Malbec barrel sampling and a 2010 Zinfandel at Doffo Winery cooked up by Mrs. Zulma Doffo herself, Mini lump crab cakes with yellow bell pepper aioli were paired with a 2010 Fume Blanc at the Ponte Family Estate Winery created by their executive chef Vincent Logan, and Italian meatballs in a spicy red sauce served with baguette slices were brought in especially for this event to compliment Cougar Vineyard’s 2010 Estate ‘Nebbiolo’ barrel sampling.

The Temecula Valley Winegrowers Association puts on the “World of Wine” barrel tasting weekend every March and is one of the two area wide events put on each year; their other big weekend is the Harvest Celebration in the fall.