New policy in L.A. County allows dogs in the outdoor dining area

Effective immediately, restaurant patrons in Los Angeles County are now privy to the company of their four legged friends. Recent policy changes now allow dogs in the outdoor dining area of restaurants. With the support of dog advocates and restaurant owners, Spot no longer needs to sit outside throughout LA County (excluding areas not subject to this policy – Pasadena, Long Beach, and Vernon). However, the decision is at the restaurant’s discretion and specific guidelines must be followed.


A separate entrance is present where pets do not enter through the food establishment to reach the outdoor dining area.

No food preparation shall be allowed at the outdoor dining area including the dispensing/mixing of drinks and ice. Customer multi-use or reusable utensils such as plates, silverware, glasses and bowls shall not be stored, displayed or pre-set at the outdoor dining area.

Food and water served/provided to pets shall only be in single use disposable containers.

Employee shall be prohibited from having direct contact with pets while on duty.

Pets shall not be allowed on chairs, seats, benches, and tables.

The outdoor dining area shall be maintained clean. In cases of excrement or other bodily fluids (urine, saliva, vomit), employee shall immediately clean and sanitize the affected areas.

The outdoor dining area shall not be fully enclosed (a fully enclosed dining area shall be considered to be part of the interior area of the facility).