WP24: Ovaltine Candy Bar

WP24, one of Wolfgang Puck’s fine dining restaurants, is the home of Top Chef Just Desserts Season Two runner up pastry chef Sally Camacho. If you’re a fan of the show then you know this dessert won Sally the candy bar quickfire and now you, too, can enjoy it. The Ovaltine Candy Bar consists of a bar of Ovaltine mousse on top of a layer of puffed forbidden black rice, with an Ovaltine Chantilly cream, a quenelle of Valrhona Caramelia glacé (ice cream) perched on top the Petit Beurre biscuit crumbs, drops of Valrhona Caramelia chocolate sauce, and garnished with sprigs of “micro bulls blood.”

Pro tip

  • The garnish, micro bulls blood, is decorative and definitely does not taste like its name.
  • Common sense, but yes, ice cream melts so eat it quickly!
  • The puffed forbidden black rice gives a crunch to everything.
  • It’s only available at the restaurant, not the lounge.