Sam Adams teams up with Guy Kawasaki to create a crowd sourced beer

If you’ve ever wanted Sam Adams to make a beer from your palate, here’s your chance. They’ve joined forces with social media enthusiast, Guy Kawasaki (pictured above), to create their first ever crowd-sourced beer. You can give your input through their facebook app on categories like Color, Clarity, Body (mouth feel), Malt (sweetness), Hops (bitterness) and Yeast (finish/complex flavors). After gathering the data, the beer will be debuted at Guy’s Girl + Guy party in Austin, Texas on March 10. Facebook fans will be the first to know when the brew hits new markets.


Sam Adams’ founder Jim Koch announces 2011’s ‘Infinium’ with Weihenstephan

A collaboration with the oldest brewery in the world

2011’s Infinium is almost here. Claiming to be the first completely new beer style created in more than 100 years that adheres to the German Purity Law, Reinhetsgebot, which requires beers to be brewed with only malt, hops, water and yeast, Infinium is a prized Boston Beer Co. (Sam Adams) brew that’s just around the corner. Read More


Samuel Adams: an interview with Jim Koch, founder of Boston Beer Company

So big it's hard to think of them as a craft brewery

Jim Koch comes from a long line of brewers dating back to 1800’s. Somewhere down the line the family craft was left behind, until Jim realized that beer drinkers were looking for an experience that water-downed pilsners couldn’t provide. Read More


Samuel Adams announces winners of the first Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream Experienceship Award

Boston Beer Co.’s philanthropy program, Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream® Experienceship, has got it’s first winners. They announced on Sunday during Great American Beer Festival in Denver, CO that San Francisco’s Jim Woods, of MateVeza, and the duo from NY’s Roc Brewing Co., Chris Spinelli and Jon Meryine, have been given the chance to check out the Samuel Adams Boston Brewery and soak-up all the info about brews and business that they can.
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Jace's Drink This

Samuel Adams Octoberfest

Well, even though August seems a tad early and the whole country is still suffering from record heat, let’s all get on the fall train. Ahhh, fall. Summer’s sweltering heat turns into the cool breeze and beautiful changing colors of autumn’s call. Or, you live in California, things get even hotter, and other parts of the country scoff, for they have something we don’t- seasons. There is one thing we can all share, and that is Oktoberfest beers. Read More