Air travel health tips


It’s almost time to get on your planes, and the last thing you want is to be sick for the holidays. You might think the recirculated air is a risk to your health, but it’s actually the very dry cabin air and fatigue that cause most upper respiratory infections. Not to mention germs and bacteria all over the plane. Here are some tips from the LA County Department of Public Health. Feel free to ignore all the tips on your flight back to legitimately call in sick after the holidays. Read More


Escape and decompress at the Mondrian Los Angeles


Driving by, you may miss the Mondrian Hotel on the Sunset Strip because it doesn’t boast any obvious signage, and that’s the point. But if you look up, you’ll notice the huge double doors a la Alice In Wonderland. The Mondrian aims to be an oasis of escape from L.A.’s hectic way of life and part of the charm comes from its nondescript exterior. A walk through the doors brings you the two themes the Mondrian is built around, escapism and decompression.

Check out their penthouse, Asian-Cuban fusion restaurant Asia de Cuba, and mojito specialized Skybar in our video tour. Read More

BBC’s how do you solve hotel insomnia?

BBC’s “how do you solve hotel insomnia?” segment on their Fast Track show various ways in dealing with insomnia while traveling. They gave $1000 night hotel packages that guarantee a good nights sleep, low doses of sleeping pills, reading in the afternoon to slow your mind down at a critical time and more. Read More


TripAdvisor’s December survey shows an increase in travel plans

TripAdvisor announced the results of their annual December holiday travel survey of 2100 U.S. travelers. While it may not be representative of the nation, there is a 5 percent increase from their last year’s survey, from 38-43 percent, of participants planning on traveling this December. Read More


Do travelers actually return for a local experience?

Expedia‘s recent statement that London was Britain’s top European travel destination this Autumn included a list of activities that locals enjoy. The insider’s guide included treasure hunting in the Thames and visiting the Billingsgate Fish Market. While the fare is geared towards the Brits, curiosity drives the question, do people really want to go back to a destination to experience a deeper travel experience? Read More