The Gift

2011 holiday gift guide for the drinker

On Monday we posted our handpicked gifts for travelers, here is a list of drinking gifts. We’re sure you know someone who can appreciate these items that we’ve picked out, even your alcohol free buddies. Read More

The Gift

2011 holiday gift guide for the traveler

That’s right, handpicked for the traveler in your life or for your life as a traveler. Give a travel gift this Christmas or make your holiday a travel Christmas. You get the idea. Read More

Xelsis fingerprint ID espresso machine

Imagine battles with your significant other ended by a touch of a button. Espresso feuds are brushed away by the The Philips Saeco Xelsis‘ Digital ID. User profiles are stored via fingerprints on the first fully-automated espresso machine honored by the Centro Studi Assaggiatori Italian Tasters. Now imagine the machine cleaning itself, because that’s the stuff dreams are made out of. Available now at $3,199.

Customizable chocolates from Victoria Chocolatier

San Francisco-based Victoria Chocolatier is giving customers thousands of variations through customizable chocolates. Choose between six pure, Belgian bases and a selection of fruits, nuts, and other stuff you may or may not want in your chocolate. Each bar made fresh to order with GMO free chocolates and received within two days via overnight shipping for $6.95.

Photography provided by Nuri/Victoria Chocolatier LLC


Chocolate art for the holidays

You’re at your in-laws house for Thanksgiving and it’s time for dessert. Your brother in law carefully brings out the pumpkin pie that his wife made the night before. He places it in the center of the table, gently lifts the lid off and– BAM! You slam your handcrafted Emanuel Andren chocolates down! Because no one wants to eat pie when there’s a $17 piece of chocolate in the house. Read More