ÖKO water bottle

The way we see it, a water filter is a simple concept: you put nasty water in, and tasty water comes out. So when they say that it works in 120 countries, we were a bit confused. But when you think of how nasty water gets in third world countries, it makes sense. ÖKO uses NASA derived filtration technology to provide different filters that are dependent on the country’s water. L.A. water might be gross, but Somalia’s has to be worse. Bottle starts at $22.95.

Beer nerds, we found your doormat!

Doesn’t this just sum up everything that you are? The Got Beer Doormat tells everyone that comes to you door that you got beer. Might be the wrong message to be sending to your broke friends.

Russian Standard Gold Vodka

If there was ever a healthy Vodka, this would be pretty close, inspired by a recipe developed by Dmitri Mendeleev, the inventor of the periodic table. Encased in a box looking like the cover of Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Watch the Throne. Russian Standard Gold is lightly flavored with extracts from Siberian ginseng making it perfect for getting your health conscious friends drunk. This is not for mixing with Red Bull. Best consumed neat or on the rocks.

His and Hers Valentine chocolates from Seattle Chocolates

From now until February 14, Seattle Chocolates will be featuring a His and Hers Valentine treat. The “Red Hot” for him is dark chocolate with cinnamon oil and crushed cinnamon candy pieces. The “Pink Bubbly” for her is freeze dried raspberries in white chocolate with champagne. Prepare ahead because Valentine’s Day is a day that you want to go right, if you know what I mean.

The Gift

2011 holiday gift guide for the foodie

So far this week we’ve handpicked gift guides for the traveler and the drinker. Our last guide for this holiday season is for the foodies! Anyone who eats or cooks, will find a special place for these gifts we picked out. Read More