Le Bon Garcon Caramels

Looking for a last-minute gift for the object of your affection? Drugstore chocolates might not cut it this year, and your Valentine will have no doubt already dipped into some candy hearts from the office pool. Instead, ensure your continued Casanova status with a fresh box of Le Bon Garcon’s caramels – buttery, smooth, soft morsels of goodness handmade by confectioner Jason Chao.

The charming packaging and sweet “je t’adore” notecard (blank inside for your personalization) enfold a selection of all-natural caramels in either a single flavor or an assortment. Choose from one of Le Bon Garcon’s signature flavors – Mango-Passion Fruit, Macadamia Nut, or Salted (a definite ace in the hole for your favorite salty-sweet fiend) – or try the one-of-a-kind “Caramour,” a special limited-run Valentine’s Day flavor of citrus, vanilla and spice melded with caramel.

Available in 4 oz. ($15) or 8 oz. ($27) gift boxes on lebongarcon.com – order by February 7th to make sure your sweetheart gets their sweets on time.

Patric In-NIB-itable Chocolate Bar

Alan McClure of Patric Chocolate knows how to make chocolate. He’s been making them since 2004. He’s even won a couple of awards. The In-NIB-itable Bar is made with two parts: 70% Madagascar chocolate and crunchy nibs. Alan’s goal was to show two sides of cocao since not everyone has tried the unsweetened part. He says, “the contrast in flavor and texture that they give, however, is really amazing when juxtaposed with the smooth chocolate.” Which creates a chocolate bar “unlike any that most people had ever tasted.”

Montes Winery’s Folly (Syrah)

Aurelio Montes, winemaker of Montes Winery‘s Montes Folly, for whatever reason had an inkling that Apalta Valley was the best terroir for reds in Chile, something that is hard to dispute today and that he was determined to prove. They said it would be a “folly” to grow Syrah, an untested variety, in the region and the altitude, but they were wrong. Harvested by acrobats, all grapes are hand-picked and sorted on a special selection table, where every grape not up to the quality required is removed. Yes, acrobats …

Montes Folly is available at multiple locations and online wine stores throughout the U.S.

Woodford Reserve Double Oaked

The distillers take two barrels. The first is seasoned outdoors for nine months and is completely toasted and charred on the inside. They age the bourbon. Then comes the second barrel which gets toasted for twice as long. The bourbon from the first barrel gets moved into the second barrel for additional maturation, thus crafting the Woodford Reserve Double Oaked. Available March, 2012 in U.S. markets.


Fonseca Porto Bin 27

What to drink with your dessert? This port produced north of Portugal can be easily paired with desserts from a classic Linzer cookie to a decadent chocolate soufflé. If you’re down with the the taste of rich and fruity wine, plum and mocha, with a berry aroma then the Fonseca Bin 27 might just be what you’re looking for. Besides, they’ve been making port since 1822, it’s safe to say they’ve got it right by now.

ÖKO water bottle

The way we see it, a water filter is a simple concept: you put nasty water in, and tasty water comes out. So when they say that it works in 120 countries, we were a bit confused. But when you think of how nasty water gets in third world countries, it makes sense. ÖKO uses NASA derived filtration technology to provide different filters that are dependent on the country’s water. L.A. water might be gross, but Somalia’s has to be worse. Bottle starts at $22.95.

Beer nerds, we found your doormat!

Doesn’t this just sum up everything that you are? The Got Beer Doormat tells everyone that comes to you door that you got beer. Might be the wrong message to be sending to your broke friends.

Russian Standard Gold Vodka

If there was ever a healthy Vodka, this would be pretty close, inspired by a recipe developed by Dmitri Mendeleev, the inventor of the periodic table. Encased in a box looking like the cover of Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Watch the Throne. Russian Standard Gold is lightly flavored with extracts from Siberian ginseng making it perfect for getting your health conscious friends drunk. This is not for mixing with Red Bull. Best consumed neat or on the rocks.

His and Hers Valentine chocolates from Seattle Chocolates

From now until February 14, Seattle Chocolates will be featuring a His and Hers Valentine treat. The “Red Hot” for him is dark chocolate with cinnamon oil and crushed cinnamon candy pieces. The “Pink Bubbly” for her is freeze dried raspberries in white chocolate with champagne. Prepare ahead because Valentine’s Day is a day that you want to go right, if you know what I mean.

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Xelsis fingerprint ID espresso machine

Imagine battles with your significant other ended by a touch of a button. Espresso feuds are brushed away by the The Philips Saeco Xelsis‘ Digital ID. User profiles are stored via fingerprints on the first fully-automated espresso machine honored by the Centro Studi Assaggiatori Italian Tasters. Now imagine the machine cleaning itself, because that’s the stuff dreams are made out of. Available now at $3,199.

Customizable chocolates from Victoria Chocolatier

San Francisco-based Victoria Chocolatier is giving customers thousands of variations through customizable chocolates. Choose between six pure, Belgian bases and a selection of fruits, nuts, and other stuff you may or may not want in your chocolate. Each bar made fresh to order with GMO free chocolates and received within two days via overnight shipping for $6.95.

Photography provided by Nuri/Victoria Chocolatier LLC

Chocolate art for the holidays

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