DNA certification to ensure ‘seafood quality’ through barcoding

The FDA officially approved of a DNA barcoding procedure in October to ensure proper labeling of local and imported seafood. Discussions have been opened with the restaurant and seafood supply industries regarding delicacy verifications by David Schindel, a Smithsonian Institution paleontologist and executive secretary of the Washington-based Consortium for the Barcode of Life.

He tells the Associated Press, “when they sell something that’s really expensive, they want the consumer to believe that they’re getting what they’re paying for.” Also predicting the impact that it will bring in the future, “we’re going to start seeing a self-regulating movement by the high-end trade embracing barcoding as a mark of quality.”

This coming off of an incident in 2009 where two high school students found, through the usage of DNA barcoding, that caviar labelled as sturgeon in their kitchen was actually Mississippi paddlefish.

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