The Gift

Customizable chocolates from Victoria Chocolatier

San Francisco-based Victoria Chocolatier is giving customers thousands of variations through customizable chocolates. Choose between six pure, Belgian bases and a selection of fruits, nuts, and other stuff you may or may not want in your chocolate. Each bar made fresh to order with GMO free chocolates and received within two days via overnight shipping for $6.95.

Photography provided by Nuri/Victoria Chocolatier LLC

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  • Bela Lubkin

    I wonder if anyone could divulge the great trade secret: how big are these customizable $7 chocolate bars?  Groupon has a deal on them right now.  Neither Groupon, nor, nor this blurb here say one word about size.  🙁

  • Bela Lubkin

    Update: according to they are the standard 3.5oz size.  Which makes the regular price rather steep, but the deal is reasonable.