Rosewood Tavern: Grand English Breakfast

Not a morning person – that’s okay, the Grand English Breakfast from Rosewood Tavern is available during lunch. They don’t call this breakfast “grand” for no reason. Read More

Jace's Drink This

Boulevard Brewing Company Collaboration No. 2 White I.P.A.

First off, I owe you all an apology. Not only for the ineptitude of the writing that you are about to read, but for the fact that I have not subjugated your eyes and brains to said subpar musings in several weeks. If it makes you feel any better, I was recharging my beerteries (that’s beer batteries) at the Great American Beer Festival. Furthermore, it allowed me to pick up not only a wicked cold and hoarse voice (a Mitzvah for those that know me), but also the bottle of beer that I am reviewing herein. It’s time to enjoy Deschutes/Boulevard collaboration beer: Boulevard Brewing Company Collaboration No. 2 White I.P.A.  Read More